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The first Micro message + mobile phone APP+ micro website + mobile phone SMS + multi language website fullcombination of enterprise marketing management platform, the development to the combined PHP and MYSQL gold,can run stably in the host and the mainstream of the server space, powerful function and mainstream support, sitemanagement platform a stable economy, security for the enterprise.

Easy ESPCMS V6 based on V5, update a lot of functions, the following software characteristics:

Custom component application: ESPCMSV6 uses custom components installed, online self installation and application of latest components, ESPCMS will be the component market as the basis, to create a strong practicalcomponent model, for the user to choose the installation and use of.

The mobile terminal website experience: combination of intelligent mobile phone popular and other mobile platforms,to build the functions of mobile terminal site application of all solid, and can implement the message, ordering,membership, form common marketing function in a mobile terminal;

Micro message application: fully support Micro message information push, add words of welcome, Micro messagemenu settings, micro site settings, application of mobile terminal can realize micro mall and micro industry website;

Application of two-dimensional code: can display Micro message code, mobile phone two only code, product orderbar code;

Keyword: keyword generation intelligent generated by intelligent, can improve the site's SEO effect.

Infinite classification: support the content classification unlimited, and can realize the output and display of infinite classification on the same page, greatly satisfy the demand products classification;

Domestic and foreign mainstream payment component: support the domestic each big mainstream paymentincluding Alipay, TenPay, quick money, bank, international include: Moneybookers, PayPal, requires the implementation of domestic and foreign enterprises to pay;

Humanized picture file upload component: can a custom picture file upload, can batch image file upload, photo album, photo album can be grouped output file management functions;

Mail reminding module: support member registration mail notification, membership password mail notification,activation email notification, member of order place an order successfully mail notification, successful payment mail notification, order cancellation email notification, new order administrator reminder notice, order confirmation emailnotification, request confirmation, inquiry administrator notification, self-help form defined administrator emailknowledge notice, self-help form reply notification, thanks letter notice form submission, new message customadministrator email inform, new message reply notification message alert notification, content manager.

Mobile phone text messages reminding module: mobile phone, mobile phone short message support registration reminder password, the order administrator remind, modify password reminder mobile phone short message function;

Multi site cluster management: support for multi site communication management, increase conveniencemanagement function for group enterprises website;

Strong SEO function: support within the chain, the chain, the TAG keyword, Baidu map, Google map and otherpopular SEO elements, also supports static page generation, pseudo static, dynamic and different model;

ESPCMS also has the more rich function forward to mining, welcome you to download experience!